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August 24: Tangente, Solo


Sep 4: Orchestra


Sep, 25: Usedomer Musikfestival, Trio

Hong Kong

Sep 27: Hong Kong International Jazz Festival

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Multi award winning pianist/composer Maria Baptist is widely recognized as an artist of the highest calibre — she has given more than 1,000 concerts in 20 countries on 4 continents. The german television broadcaster ZDF estimates her as a „role model of a whole new jazz generation“.

Maria is performing as a soloist or with her own Orchestra and has released 13 CDs to her name. She gave a private piano concert for Michael Jackson. Maria is a university professor for composition & improvisation at Hanns Eisler Berlin. New York City is Maria’s home of heart, Berlin her home-base. Besides, she is a mindfulness and meditation-devotee.

Her original music is characterised by an openness that breaks down genre boundaries, mixing classical and jazz influences to create a music full of intensity and drive. Maria has been seen „in a league with the key figures of modern Jazz“ by All About Jazz, while Grammy-Winner Maria Schneider says: „Her music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.

Maria Baptist’s music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.

Maria Schneider

Maria Baptist is in a league with the key figures of modern Big Band Jazz such as Schneider, Gruntz, McNeely and Bley.

All About Jazz

Maria Baptist created one of the most interesting contemporary jazz formations in Europe.

12on14 Jazzclub

Maria Baptist connects the European tradition with the American Jazz ethos.


Maria Baptist travels around the globe as a crossover ambassador of music.

Deutsche Welle TV

Musicians like Maria Baptist are role models of a whole new jazz generation.



Maria Baptist has always been considered to be a „magician of the soul of the piano“ (WDR). On her new album Resonance she follows her reputation as a „seductress of the 88 keys„: Resonance is highly emotional, evocative and vivid as life.“ – All About Jazz


Resonance outlines Maria’s relationship to music and mindfulness — and by extension, inspires her listeners to dive deeper into the present moment with her. The music she recorded is as intellectually compelling, as it is emotionally intense — it is filled with magical moments that resonate with the listeners’ soul.


Resonance, simply said, is great piano music that doesn‘t need the categories of classical, contemporary or jazz music. It speaks for itself.“ –Cosmo Scharmer


Video: Ballad / Lyrical / Powerful

Poems without Words.

With her trio plus one Maria Baptist has created one of the „most exciting contemporary jazz formations in Europe“ (artistic director 12on14 Jazzclub). On their new album „Poems without Words“, they create „deep worlds of sound, which are seldom heard in Europe today“ (Cosmo Scharmer).


Touching melodies, contrasting with powerful outbursts, balladic lines transform into fast-paced sequences of notes. All this is presented with a „technical ability at the highest level and with a musical intelligence that forms a perfectly harmonious band“ (AAZ). „A concert by the Maria Baptist Trio plus One is a musical revelation“ (KN).


Maria Baptist is performing the Poems without Words program with her quartet, her trio or very intimate in a piano-saxophone-duo constellation.


Jan von Klewitz (sax), Fabian Timm (bass), John Betsch (drums)


Video: Duo / Trio / Trio plus One

Here & Now.

The Maria Baptist Orchestra is one of the leading Big Bands in the vibrant Berlin jazz scene. Now in their 5th year, they have been performing their monthly concert series at „one of the most important jazz clubs in Berlin“: Kunstfabrik Schlot. The Orchestra is supported by the Berlin Senat with a funding.


Their recording Here & Now was nominated for the German top ranking award Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik. The music, all composed by Maria Baptist, has been seen „in a league with the key figures of modern Big Band Jazz such as Schneider, Gruntz, McNeely and Bley“ by All about Jazz.


The 16-member international ensemble creates an organic sound, that demonstrates how permeable the line between jazz and classical music can be, what an instrument of both strength and fragility a jazz orchestra can be. „Maria Baptist connects the European tradition with the American Jazz ethos.“ Downbeat


Video: Ballad / Lyrical / Powerful


Rhythm: Piano-Maria Baptist, Bass-Fabian Timm, Drums-Tobias Backhaus Reeds: David Beecroft, Jan v. Klewitz, Bernhard Ullrich, Patrick Hamacher, Nik Leistle Trombones: Jörg Bücheler, Nils Marquardt, Julius Hopf, Christopher Sauloff Trumpets: Greg Bowen, Philip Sindy, Ruben Giannotti, Eddie Hayes

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latest news

Funding for my Orchestra

January 2019: Happy to be supported by the Berlin Senat für Kultur & Europa to make our 5th year of the Maria Baptist Orchestra monthly concert series in Berlin happen!! Very honored to have received the fund for the second time!!!

Tour with 20 concerts

April 2019: I gave almost 20 concerts during the first months of the year. Highlights have been the tour with my Trio plus One project and the Berlin concerts in March when I invited Sigurdur Flosason from Iceland to join my projects.

New Orchestra CD coming soon

June, 2019: I have been in the studio with my Orchestra and 7 new compositions of mine!! Here & Now 2 will be released on September 4. I also had an amazing trip to London playing with my UK rhythm section at 606 jazzclub and a beautiful piano solo concert in Lyon.

Hong Kong calling

July 2019: Hong Kong calling! Jan and I will perform at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival in September. We also received a travel fund by the Berlin Senat for this journey.

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